Our technical means

Pose of traps to count the fauna surrounding and to be able to establish one program of fight by the selection of insects to be brought. For certain insects we use traps in phéromones which attract males, then females will not be fertilized reducing the populations of parasites.
Pose of eggs of insects or of larvas said " auxiliaries " such as ladybirds, chrysopes, acarids…
Pulverizing of bacteria against caterpillars and mosquitoes without danger nor action against the fauna.

Analyse of physico-chemical ground giving place to the establishment of one report personalized presenting generally the observations, the methods and used tools and in conclusion some specific advices.

Regular visits of follow-up the purpose of which is to control the phytosanitary state of gardens and green spaces and to establish the necessary programs of fight. These visits are finalized and validated by a report.

Our suppliers' specialization.
Other means are at our arrangement but we cannot detail them here. Indeed, they can be specific in your situation; a contrario those whom we describe could not be adapted.

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